Why Brillstimes?

English language is a window to the world. As English is the main language used on the internet, it is also known as the mother tongue of the web. Not to speak of usage of English on the net only, otherwise also it is English, English and English-almost everywhere on this planet.Going by the emerging importance of the English language, we cannot afford to give this language a miss.

We can learn English in many ways but one of the best and the most proven ways is to read an English newspaper daily.Brillstimes is a website newspaper that plays the role of a teacher that teaches English in a very simple and novel way. This website has been tailored to the needs of the people who long for learning English Speaking and English Newspaper Reading but cannot do so because they don’t know the meanings of difficult words and also lack in English translation.Through this website, they will easily learn how to read an English newspaper because this website carries news-items in English along with their translation in Hindi and Punjabi followed by the meanings of the difficult words in both Hindi and Punjabi languages.

Ashok Sadiora Editor

For English Speaking, one will find a conversation on a different situation every Sunday. Emphatically, this conversation will also be translated in Punjabi and Hindi. Moreover, other important material for honing your skills to improve English- both spoken and written- will be there well in place.

The Brillstimes team strongly believe and hope that the Brillstimes will go a long way in teaching English to a large number of people over this earth.Good luck.

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  • sony  says:

    i want newspaper

    • admin  says:

      Hello Sony,
      Please note the bank details for transferring Rs 500/- as subscription of Brills Times for six months.
      Bank name : State Bank of India
      A/c name : Brillsguru
      Current A/c number : 31632738187
      If you want news paper
      Thanks Brillstimes

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